Please read carefully the admission criteria and the application guidelines, as well as the eligibility criteria for BeInPM scholarships and application conditions for self-funded candidates before submitting the application form online. Additional information is available in our FAQ section.

All applications should be submitted through our online system and meet the given deadline(s). Paper applications or applications sent by electronic mail will not be taken into account.


Applications will open on the 15th of November 2023 and have to be submitted no later than the 7th of February 2024 (at midday- Paris time).

Applications are reviewed and ranked according to the following criteria: academic grades, motivation, internships or relevant working experience, and English proficiency.
If your application is among the best ranked and thus selected for the second selection round, you will be contacted by the Selection Committee for a final face-to-face interview through the Internet.

Preselected applicants will be interviewed in March.


1. The application will be checked by our administrative staff in order to validate its admissibility. The authenticity of the requisite documents (diploma and transcripts of records) will be checked with the University which has delivered them.
2. If the application is declared admissible, this will be transferred to the Educational Board to be considered for selection.
3. During the selection process, an videoconference may be scheduled with the applicant.
4. After the selection process, selected applicants will be informed by e-mail. They will be informed about their host university for the first semester, which may, or may not conform to their first choice.


Applicants have the right to appeal against the decision made by the Consortium Selection Committee. In order to submit an appeal, you must send a detailed e-mail clearly stating the reason(s) for your appeal and attach any relevant document(s).

The appeal has to be sent to  within 10 working days of the decision’s notification.  Please, clearly indicate in the Subject line of your mail ‘Appeal-SURNAME-Name’.

Once the appeal is received, an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent via e-mail by the Coordinator. The Appeal will be analysed and investigated by the Educational Board and a final response will be sent to the appellant within 30 natural days.

! IMPORTANT: An appeal can be made against the selection procedure, and not the outcome of the selection process.


Applicants may be tempted by other training programmes, and may have applied for them. However, a response to our admission proposition is required before the date stated in your admission offer.


Applications are now open! APPLY HERE!